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Disclaimer: We are not a medical facility and do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. It is not Psychotherapy, and it does not mean a replacement for any other intervention from a Health Care Practitioner. NLP Hypnosis Centre follows the recommended standards of practice and terminology for Hypnotic Practice by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). We do not practice Psychotherapy. We practice Consulting Hypnotism, NLP and Life Coaching within the scope of our practice as defined by law.

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We use an innovative Self Help Hypnosis training program to give clients a working understand in how self hypnosis work.

Hypnosis is a very powerful and effective technique for relaxation. The “Total Relaxation With Hypnosis” audio (mp3) will guide you to easily relax and go deeper into a wonderful and amazing relaxation.

The audio contains a 30 minutes full relaxation consulting hypnotism session (plus bonus). Hypnosis and Hypnotism can help you reach a deep and wonderful relaxation.

Hypnosis is a powerful technique for relaxation, physically and mentally. It is always a good idea to check with your Health Care Professional about the use of Hypnosis if you are concerned about your stress level.

Today, Consulting Hypnotism, Hypnosis and Hypnotism are used by many Professionals of Hypnosis and by many Health Care Professionals.

We practice “Consulting Hypnotism” and help clients to be happier, healthier and more successful. We always make you aware that we are not a Medical Facility and we always recommend you to check with your Doctor about using Hypnosis and/or our services.

You will feel a positive change from the first time you listen “Total Relaxation With Hypnosis” audio and of… Read more…